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We work smarter and faster. Our collective disciplines integrate into everything we create. We deliver digital experience that connect with today’s customers.


Convert Digital provide commerce solutions for an ever-changing digital landscape. Technological innovation and curiosity is what drives us everyday and remains cornerstone to how we help businesses adapt to new communication and commerce technologies. We strive to be a partner that considers the uniqueness of our clients business and believe that success can only come through mutually rewarding relationships.


Website design and development, online business strategy, conversion optimisation and Magento solutions architecture are our chosen disciplines. We always work collaboratively to understand new opportunities and realise big ideas in detail, aesthetics and practicalities.  Helping our clients convert through meaningful engagement is the end point of all we do.





In business your ability to stand strong is based completely on the strength of what you are standing upon. Our robust Magento Community implementations are highly flexible and built for growing businesses Read more



Design & UX


A website should always balance customer needs and the very best brand aesthetic. We place the human at the centre of all creative processes, delivering end-user experiences that entertain and delight. Read more





As digital channels increase in number the importance of being focused has never been more important. Our strategic approach ensures our clients limited resources are channelled through marketing elements most relevant to their business and customer-base. Read more



Conversion Optimisation


Our mission is next level commerce performance. Our Conversion Optimisation specialists identify on-site improvements through behavioural data analysis and testing. Read more



Performance Optimisation


Improving performance lifts conversions. Convert Digital’s Tech Leads and System Architects always operate under a best set of practices that maximise your site’s performance and load speeds. We scrutinise all levels of web infrastructure and leverage CDN’s, varnish, and advanced caching techniques to get the best possible results.



Systems Integrations


The Convert Digital technology team are experienced system integrators. Our internal processes promote a seamless connection between 3rd party systems and your Magento store.



Managed Support


Convert Digital’s Magento support professionals are on call 24/7 to ensure your online business never misses a beat. Our support packages provide comprehensive coverage of not only unexpected technical issues, but also proactive development and customization requirements. Our deep understanding of Magento’s backend functionality means we also have all your training and admin support needs covered. Read more



Code / Performance Audits


Convert Digital’s auditing process helps merchants understand the integrity of their Magento implementation and provides insights that address existing and potentially future problems. We are experts at quickly tracing performance issues back to the root cause and implementing best practice across all back-end and front-end functions. Read more



Magento Upgrades & Migrations


Convert Digital keep our clients up-to-date with access to the latest Magento versions, improvements and security patches. We work proactively to ensure technology doesn’t out-pace your business.



Magento Training


Our training specialists know Magento inside-and-out. As a part of your team they deliver hands-on training sessions that up-skill admins with the most useful of managerial processes. We always tailor training needs around the unique nature of our clients business and help uncover magneto’s feature rich functionality. Read more

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