Website Audits

Understand what’s really wrong with your site, or simply get a check-up with a Convert Digital audit!



If your site’s problematic and unreliable then its possible that there are underlying and often critical failures affecting performance. Thanks to a Convert Digital audit these headaches can be diagnosed and treated. Our experienced Magento engineers and testers will get to the root cause of the problem and provide a roadmap to repair.


What we audit

Core Code

Has the integrity of the core code that supports your Magento site been compromised?  If so then it may lay at the heart of serious performance problems. We systematically check each line of code to first find, then flag any core modifications. As always Convert Digital will be as equally concerned with repair as they are about finding the best value solutions.

Extension Integrity

Magento Community’s open source code means a great variety of after-market improvements are available. On one hand this means merchants have almost unlimited access to whatever functionality they need to improve their business, on the other it allows extensions with poor coding quality to effect performance. Our Extension Integrity Audit tests each module to ensure they meet quality standards. If not we find extensions that do.

Security Vulnerabilities

Convert Digital believe security is paramount. A failure in this area can have the most serious of consequences. We conduct rigorous penetration tests to flush out security weaknesses before providing a fortification strategy.


These days SEO is not something you do, it’s something that happens when everything else is done right. If you’re site has missed a Google pre-requisite we will find it and flag it.


A slow site often means slow sales. Convert Digital offer a comprehensive performance optimisation service that tunes sites for the speediest of load-times. The first step to achieving this is often a comprehensive review of your code, load capabilities and content delivery processes.

UX Audit

Our talented UX and design professionals are just as at home developing new sites as they are assessing exiting ones for possible UX improvements. We list the most high value changes first, which means your site is selling more sooner.


The list of what we can audit doesn’t end there. Tell us what your concern is and we will suggest the most effective way to address it.

After The Audit

The auditing process can be a standalone process or the first step towards an ongoing support relationship. Check out our Managed Magento Support page for more details.

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