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Act Now: Convert Digital can help you migrate to Checkout Extensibility before time runs out

Convert Digital | 2024

If you’ve been procrastinating about migrating to Shopify Checkout Extensibility or not fully grasping the opportunity that is knocking at your door, this article is for you. In not-so-breaking news, Shopify is sunsetting its checkout.liquid on August 14th, 2024. This change prompts Shopify Plus merchants to migrate to their new offering, Checkout Extensibility. 

What is Checkout Extensibility?

Checkout Extensibility will replace the need for checkout.liquid, so any merchants who currently customise their checkout with checkout.liquid need to migrate to Checkout Extensibility.

What does this mean for my store?

For those who don’t prioritise their migration before this date, the current integrations in your existing checkout will be gone, and your store will get the default checkout system. 

We’re reminding our clients (plus any and all Shopify merchants in our orbit) of the opportunity you stand to gain from getting prepared now.

Why Checkout Extensibility?

This new environment shifts from less stable, developer-heavy customisations to a more secure, performance-optimised system. Merchants will experience faster load times and a one-step checkout experience.

Checkout Extensibility allows for drag-and-drop functionality, enabling merchants to configure their checkout processes without coding. This not only simplifies the process but also makes sure your checkout system is built on the latest technology, making it more robust and capable of supporting the needs of over 4 million stores globally. 

Since switching to Checkout Extensibility with the launch of their new site, our client Boody has been happy with the results, particularly through upselling, which is now supported by the new Checkout Components app.

“The product (Checkout Components) is awesome and produces nice additional revenue. It's money for nothing.”

Shaun Greenblo (Co-Managing Director, Boody)

What does a checkout migration with Convert Digital involve? 

The actual turnaround time for migrations is roughly four to six weeks. Although the hands-on work might only take 16 to 24 hours, multiple stages extend the timeline. 

1) First, we audit the existing setup, which requires initial sign-off from the client. 

2) Then, we establish and prioritise the necessary changes. This prioritised list and the proposed timeline are then presented to the client for approval. 

3) Only then can we proceed to do the actual work, which, after completion, must be tested, approved by the client, and finally deployed.

Convert Digital were honoured to be part of Shopify's beta program, so we’ve had time to think about and perfect the migration process. In fact, our team migrated Australia's first instance of the new checkout for our client, Ghanda Clothing.

“Convert ensured Ghanda’s transition to Shopify’s checkout extensibility was seamless. Their expertise enabled Ghanda to be the first site to launch in the region. The move from checkout.liquid has granted us significant flexibility in tailoring checkout to suit our needs, with a quicker turnaround due to its user friendly interface. Specifically, integrating a custom upsell app (Checkout Components) has enabled us to secure sales that would have otherwise been missed, resulting in impressive ROI. Merchants should make the switch before it’s too late to ensure they’re taking full advantage of opportunities.”

Melanie Simpson (Ecommerce Digital Manager, Ghanda)

Time is ticking

For our existing clients who have prepaid hours with us, we're guiding you to use these hours for the migration process. This proactive step is about more than just keeping our operations smooth—it's crucial for the entire industry. If migrations aren’t prioritised within the next month, merchants could face some significant challenges mid-year. 

Remember, this migration isn’t just a routine update—it’s an opportunity. The move to Shopify’s new system isn't because Shopify is trying to make things difficult. It's actually opening up a better, more efficient platform that benefits everyone. 

However, the success of this transition depends as much on the merchant as on us. We're here to support you every step of the way, but it’s essential that you actively engage in this process.

If you're a Convert client, reach out to your account manager ASAP to discuss the next steps and help make your migration as seamless as possible. Not a Convert client? Send us an email to discuss how we can migrate your checkout before the deadline.

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