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UX & Web Design

What works for one client's online store doesn’t always work for another. That’s why we leverage our enterprise experience and exposure to multiple verticals to devise ecommerce strategies and solutions for our clients.


UX Audits

Our UX audits are based on industry best practice and benchmarks, delivering an in-depth review and complete health check of your website's performance. The impact-weighted recommendations are given in a collaborative roadmap format that you can harness to create and track your path to ecommerce growth.


Journey Mapping & User Personas

We document the customer experience, align communication, and ensure we’re building the very best user-centric experience.


User Feature Testing

It's important to test current or new design features using multiple methods with users before going live.


Design Systems & Style Guides

A modular, tokenised system creating design to development efficiency. Sharing syntax between design tokens and development frameworks like Tailwind CSS, creating speedy and accurate collaborations between design and development teams.  


Wireframing and UI Design

Our Wireframing and UI design service creates intuitive, user-centered interfaces that enhance the shopping experience, ensuring seamless navigation and optimised functionality for higher customer engagement and conversions.

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