Effective inventory management is crucial in today’s fast-paced, multi-channeled retail environment. The goal for any business is having the right quantity of the right product in the right place at the right time, which requires connecting the front and back office in way that minimizes costs and maximizes profits. A powerful inventory management and POS solution that integrates with your existing eCommerce and accounting platforms can help optimize stock levels, create accurate sales and inventory reports, and minimize stock loss and labour costs.

CIN7 cloud-based enterprise solution seamlessly connects your inventory, POS and warehouse operations for efficient, real-time management, and is designed to integrate with Magento and leading accounting platforms Xero and QBO. As the premier inventory management and POS software, CIN7 offers a comprehensive set of customizable features to help move your business forward.

Inventory Management

Manage stock in real-time across multiple locations and channels (online, offline, warehouse and wholesale), and get accurate landed costs for more precise gross profit reporting.

Retail Point of Sale

Track inventory, create sales reports, view customer sales history, and sync eCommerce and branch data in real-time with a multi-store POS application that works both online and offline (Ipad, Android, Mac and PC compatible).

Warehouse Management

Seamlessly communicate between your front office and warehouse centre with a simple to use, mobile friendly pick ‘n’ pack feature.

B2B Portal

Create wholesale orders and set custom pricing through a secure B2B website portal.


Construct stock, sales and KPI reports, as well as mine sales and stock data for accurate forecasting and reordering.

CIN7 integrates with Magento to offer a number of key benefits:

Easily update inventory levels with a single click for complete stock transparency.

Save time categorizing products my mapping Magento categories to CIN7.

Get real-time stock level updates from CIN7 to Magento.

Add new products and update existing products with ease (including configurable products).

Import Magento sales batches into Xero or QBO accounting platforms with no fuss.

Convert Digital is pleased to announce a new partnership with CIN7 and we’re excited to be extending this product offering to the Australian market. We now provide full support in integrating CIN7 with Magento and welcome the opportunity to speak with you about how it can be used to navigate your inventory management challenges and ultimately improve your bottom line.

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