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When customers click the purchase button businesses not only want the transaction to be completed without complications, but also processed in a way that best suits their specific operational needs. For this reason a variety of payment gateways are available, each offering merchants with a different mix of fee structures, currency options, compliance levels, technical integration and banking preferences. One such gateway is provided by Paycorp, an enterprise level solution that processes payments for many of the world’s leading online businesses. One important reason Country Racing Victoria (CRV) decided to use Paycorp is because it offers them the flexibility to automatically direct funds to their affiliate regional clubs. for Convert Digital, CRV´s technical team, this meant developing a first of its kind extension that connected their Magento webstore and check out to the transactional backend powered by Paycorp.

CRV works with 67 regional racing clubs, each with their own autonomy to create, manage and sell tickets to their own race events. The challenge for CRV was to ensure this autonomy transitioned to ticket sales, and that the resulting funds where channeled into the correct club accounts without any double handling. This was one key reason why Paycorp was the best fit gateway for CRV.

With no existing Magento Paycorp extension available to merchants Convert Digital developed a piece of custom middleware that facilitated this process. The extension ensured that Paycorp could transmit a customer’s credit card details between CRV’s bank, a regional clubs preferred bank, the customer’s bank and the credit card schemes. Furthermore the extension provided confirmation for customers whenever an online purchase has been successful. Convert Digital’s innovation meant that CRV’s operational needs weren’t limited by either Mangeto or Paycorp. The now robust payment system has facilitated thousands of safe and reliable transactions for customers and lowered the operational overheads for CRV. Just like on the track CRV backed a winner.

If you are a Paycorp merchant that is considering Magento for their commerce solution, or already use the platform and wish to transition over to the Paycorp gateway – Convert Digital have you covered. With our Magento Paycorp Extension the heaving lifting is already done. Need more information? Contact us! we will happily detail how we plan to seamlessly integrate your business with Paycorp.

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