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Strategic partnership announced between market-leading Australian ecommerce agencies as Convert Digital acquires Elephant Room's website development arm

Convert Digital | 31 October 2023

Two leading Australian ecommerce agencies today unveil a strategic partnership with Convert Digital’s acquisition of Elephant Room's website development arm. This pivotal business decision will allow Elephant Room to focus purely on their market-leading performance and growth marketing services, as well as their Shopify gift-messaging app, Giftnote. Convert Digital will continue to double down on delivering outstanding online customer experiences while expanding their valued client portfolio.

Managing Director of Elephant Room, Adam Sharon-Zipser, says: "Departing with our development team was no easy decision, but we've worked alongside Convert Digital for years now and it's clear the vision and direction for their business deeply aligns with ours. We feel that the sum of the parts is greater than the whole as we forge a new partnership with Convert Digital to recalibrate our focus, as well as capitalise on the rapid expansion of our growth marketing services and Giftnote. Through this strategic partnership we will work alongside, not against, the industry leaders in retail technology."

Managing Director of Convert Digital, Andrew Waite, states: “This acquisition and partnership presents an incredible opportunity for us, and marks a really exciting new chapter in the Convert Digital growth journey. We’re thrilled to bring the talented Elephant Room development team into our fold, while continuing to support and grow our existing client base, alongside a number of clients transitioning from Elephant Room.”

As both agencies approach their milestone 10 year anniversaries, it’s become clear the constantly shifting retail market is favouring specialised agencies over full-service providers. To deliver a world-class offering, Elephant Room’s approach requires deeper focus and investment with fewer adjacent services, all while working alongside battle-tested partners like Convert Digital. 

“The acquisition means we are gaining more energy and focus to maximise our service offering impact for both existing and prospective clients. We look forward to opening the doors to other brands and staff as we accelerate our journey to becoming leaders across APAC in performance and growth marketing,” states Sharon-Zipser. 

On what’s next for Convert Digital, Waite says: “One of our key objectives has always been to focus on what we’re really exceptional at, which is website design, development and optimisation, while doubling down on our talent, evolving with the market, and pushing the limits of what’s possible. That will continue to be our focus, particularly as we see our existing clients continue to grow, and we support a number of new clients acquired during this transition.” 

This powerful alignment between the two agencies promises exciting opportunities for growth, innovation, and enhanced services for brands and retailers in Australia and beyond. 


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Charlotte Michalanney

Head of Marketing

Convert Digital


Nick Kennedy

Partnerships Director

Elephant Room

About Convert Digital

Convert Digital is a leading Australian ecommerce agency that designs, develops, and optimises high-converting Shopify Plus, commercetools, BigCommerce and Adobe Commerce websites for incredible brands such as House, CAMILLA AND MARC, Koko Black, Superdry, 2XU, Cadbury, Aje and more.

About Elephant Room
Elephant Room is an eCommerce Performance Agency specialising in the fundamental pillars that drive accelerated growth for Australia's most beloved brands such as Bed Threads, Aquila, SIR, Assembly Label, Bassike, and more. The agency's focus encompasses acquisition through paid media, retention through CRM and loyalty, and measurement through advanced data collection and analytic strategies.

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