Alfresco Emporium

Migrating Alfresco Emporium from Wordpress to Shopify allowed the brand to align their highly-merchandised & curated physical store environment and their online experience. Highlighting essential brand values & elevating the look and feel of the online store experience.


Design & UX

Shopify Development

Data Migration

Cin7 Integration


Alfresco Emporium is a luxury homeware and furniture company based on the north coast of NSW, offering a boutique style shopping experience to their retail customers through a unique product range, curated merchandising in-store and excellent customer service.

The Problem

The legacy WordPress website was difficult to manage and offered a difficult customer experience that did not align with the luxury ethos of Alfresco. The non-integrated system eroded customer trust and created barriers to conversion, and ultimately did not appeal to the Alfresco Emporium demographic who wanted an experience that was reliable, beautifully designed and optimised for ease of use. The brand has high-growth ambitions and needed an on-site experience that could achieve their goals.

The Solution

Shopify was chosen as the most suitable platform for the rebuild of the online store, offering complete ease of use for the online team and simple integration capacities to optimise the business operational experience.

Design & User Experience

We assessed the visual and user experience (UX) requirements to design a look and feel that aligned with the luxury aesthetic the brand wanted to convey. The homepage is highly visual and allows the online team to easily manage and showcase key content while also telling the story of the brand to entice returning and new customers. The optimisation of the mobile experience was a high priority to achieve the brand goal of attracting a younger audience to shop on the website.

Stock Integration

Cin7 was integrated into the store admin to help connect store and online inventory, improving customer confidence by displaying stock levels for each product. A click and collect delivery option was introduced to encourage customers to visit in-store, bringing the online and offline experience together.



6 months post-launch revenue


Mobile conversion rate


Mobile revenue increase

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