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Life-Space Probiotics

Leading probiotic brand continues to break the next frontier of wellness across borders with Shopify


Australia’s leading probiotic brand, Life-Space, is backed by 20 years of expertise in developing therapeutic products. They create probiotic formulations for Australians; blending, packaging, quality-testing and distributing products that are driven by in-depth research. Their passionate belief is that the next frontier in wellness will come from looking within and exploring the amazing, complex world of the microbiome (the trillions of microbial cells that live in and on us).

The Project

Challenges to be solved

When the Life-Space Probiotics team approached Convert Digital, they had a strong B2B brand presence selling via all the major chemists across Australia, however they wanted to begin selling direct-to-consumer within Australia and also across their overseas markets including New Zealand, Asia, North America and the Middle East. 

Not only did their existing WordPress/WooCommerce sites struggle to deliver the flexibility the team needed across these regions, they also battled inferior UX, particularly on mobile. With differing government regulations per country, the team were also unable to build out differing online experiences required for each region, particularly within China due to strict firewall restrictions.

Replatforming from WordPress/WooCommerce to Shopify

To combat these issues we worked with the Life-Space team to design, develop and launch multiple Shopify sites to suit each region and differing content requirements. The result was four Shopify sites, including one transactional store for Australia/Global, with three catalogue stores for China, Hong Kong and New Zealand. 

We integrated GEO IP detection to push customers in different regions to the correct site showing the correct currency. The sites also leverage ACF (Accentuate Custom Fields) for flexible content to give Life-Space enhanced control over their pages. The education of potential customers around the research behind the Life-Space products was front of mind, so a well-designed blog was also a major requirement.


The Life-Space Probiotics four-site roll-out launched in mid-2021, with the following features:

• The option to subscribe and save to encourage loyalty (Recharge)

• B2B pricing based on different rules and customer groups

• Language translation (Weglot)

• Learning and education pages 

• Marketing automation (Klaviyo)

• Product filtering and search functionality (Boost Commerce)

• Orders and inventory management (Netsuite via Celigo integration)

• Customer reviews and ratings (Okendo)

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