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The playbook to scaling a successful online brand has evolved. You don’t need to fully rely on third-party networks to sell products or build relationships with your customers. You don’t have to batch and blast & spray and pray and hope for the best outcomes. There's a new playbook – one that puts you in the driver's seat of your own success – and you don’t need to start from scratch, take months to integrate, or buy complex, expensive software. Your path to success starts with the ownership of your data and relationships. (Brand)

We know that personalisation drives growth and a better customer experience, but you can’t personalize without data. Paid social is a black box, batching and blasting has proven to be ineffective, and you have an influx of new customers that you need to nurture now while you have them. Whatever growth means for you – whether you’re building a brand, acquiring more customers, or increasing the lifetime value of your existing ones – Klaviyo helps you get there faster, easier, and more profitably on your own terms. (General segment)

Klaviyo offers a unified customer platform that makes growth easy by embedding data across the entire customer journey. Not the table stakes data that most providers can access, like a customer’s name, their order, their email / SMS opens. We mean the customer behaviours that actually drive growth and engagement – the last item they browsed, their product preferences, their website behaviours, their predicted lifetime value, etc. Every action, click, review, support ticket and more, are gathered from your tech stack in seconds and recorded on our platform in real-time. This data is easily accessible and actionable to marketers in real-time, and empowers you to understand your customers better (Database), deliver personalised experiences in the channels that matter (Experiences), and learn what you need to build strong marketing strategies (Learning) that lets you improve over time.

Our platform unifies all customer data and channels in one place, delivers unprecedented speed and time to value, and was built to be intuitive and easy to use so that every brand, regardless of their size and expertise, can build and grow a brand more profitably and more sustainably on their own terms.

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