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The fastest path to customer centricity is making data accessible to all teams. Built for retail from the beginning, Lexer’s Customer Data and Experience Platform transforms disconnected data into actionable insights, inspiring and enabling the experiences that drive advocacy and sales.

Collect, connect, and enrich customer data (securely)

1. Unification: Deterministic unification across multiple keys
2. Enrichment: Calculated attributes
3. Predictive: AI powered attributes to reveal what a customer will do next
4. Prescriptive: AI powered attributes to recommend what brand should do next

Analytics and workflow tools for:

1. Insights and segmentation; (Understand)
2. Acquisition and growth; (Target aka Activate — Experiences)
3. Customer service and sales; (Serve)
4. Measurement and analysis. (Something here)

A talented team of retail experts providing:

1. Strategy and roadmaps:
2. Analytics and reporting:
3. Project and program management:

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