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Henne's impressive 3-year growth journey

Scaling new heights with Convert Digital

August 2020 marked the beginning of a collaboration that would significantly shape the trajectory of Henne’s growth. This coincided with two big moves: the launch of the Henne brand alongside a brand new Shopify website. Henne chose Shopify as the platform allowed them to create a seamless shopping experience and efficiency in operations without diluting their brand’s unique identity and values.

Here’s how Convert Digital has supported Henne’s growth and evolved Henne as it stands today...

Henne = Universal style for all

Henne is an Australian fashion label established in 2019 by sisters and friends Nadia Bartel, Michelle Ring, and Laura Broque. They shared a unified vision—mindfully approaching ready-to-wear (RTW) fashion with its minimalistic style and versatile designs. Embodying a philosophy of evolution and timelessness, Henne consistently delivers contemporary apparel that transcends fleeting trends, staying true to its core values of thoughtful and enduring design.

Henne wanted to launch an online presence that resonated deeply with their ethos and customers. A requirement for Henne moving forward was utilising the Shopify platform, so they turned to an experienced Shopify Plus solutions partner—Convert Digital. Convert Digital’s challenge was to align the design and functionality of Henne’s new website with their distinctive brand ethos and operational needs. This involved customising the website to resonate with Henne's unique identity, ensuring a seamless transition for business operations, and refining the overall customer experience.

Take a look at Henne's stunning site here.

“From the get-go, the team at Convert Digital truly understood our customer base and wholeheartedly embraced our vision for Henne. They didn't just respond to our needs; they anticipated them, offering valuable recommendations and focusing on strategies about finding the right solutions."

Ebony Cavallaro (Ecommerce & Project Lead, Henne)


Henne’s bespoke loyalty program powered by Yotpo has been a significant milestone for the brand, not only in terms of enhancing customer engagement but also in driving high participation rates and repeat business. Yotpo’s data capture capabilities have proven invaluable for Henne’s re-marketing efforts, allowing the team to tailor strategies based on customer preferences and behaviours.

One of the standout customisations in The Collector program is the 'explore your collector benefits' section on Henne's loyalty page. This dynamic feature deviates from the conventional static table format, offering an interactive menu that reveals the specific benefits of each loyalty tier upon clicking. This approach enhances user engagement by making exploring rewards a more interactive and personalised experience. 

Additionally, the program introduces an element of exclusivity with its Tier 4 Lock feature. Here, the benefits associated with Tier 4 are uniquely 'locked,' becoming visible only to customers who have attained this elite status and are logged into their accounts. This tier-specific visibility incentivises higher-tier membership and adds a sense of exclusivity and reward for Henne's most loyal customers.

And let’s not forget Henne’s remarkable success with their Yotpo loyalty program...

In the course of the last year, The Collector loyalty program has achieved remarkable success, boasting a participation rate of 10%, which notably surpasses the industry average benchmark of 5%. The impact of this program on customer behavior is evident, as those redeeming loyalty rewards have demonstrated an impressive average revenue increase of 70% in comparison to their counterparts who do not participate. Plus, 57% of these loyal customers have made at least one purchase, signifying a 46% higher rate than observed among customers who are not part of the loyalty program. These compelling statistics underscore the program's effectiveness in not only engaging customers but also driving significant business growth.

"The Collector loyalty program went live on schedule and stuck to the exact live date and agreed timeline, which was a testament to the whole team (Henne, Yotpo + Convert Digital) setting out a strong and realistic project plan at the start and keeping a regular schedule of communication to ensure we hit every milestone along the way."

Kara Sahota (Senior Partner Manager – APAC, Yotpo)

In-Person Styling Sessions

Henne introduced in-person styling sessions at their Prahran store, catering to private groups and individual clients. These sessions, which could be booked through their website, offer personalised style advice, wardrobe consultations, and unique gift selections. The aim is to provide each customer with an intimate, tailored experience, extending the brand’s customised service beyond the digital realm.

And speaking of customised service, Gorgias has been instrumental in transforming Henne’s customer service approach.

“Gorgias and HelpDocs integration allows our customer service team to assist customers in real-time, providing instant support and guidance. Gorgias' live interaction capability not only improves customer satisfaction but also plays a crucial role in converting potential customers by addressing their queries promptly.”

Ebony Cavallaro (Ecommerce & Project Lead, Henne)

Coming Soon Feature

To align with Henne's bi-weekly drop model, this feature enables customers to sign up for each drop and stay informed about new product launches, keeping customers engaged with the brand.

Back In Stock (BIS) Feature

Back in stock alerts help Henne maintain customer interest in products that are currently unavailable; letting customers know when the most loved and heavily desired items are back in stock.

Click & Collect and Store Availability

Convert Digital integrated Click & Collect and Store Availability options to allow customers to choose how they receive their products. This omnichannel approach has increased Henne’s conversion rates and meets the modern consumer's demand for convenience and choice.

Henne's omnichannel strategy is further strengthened by integrating Shopify POS in-store, ensuring a seamless shopping experience across online and physical stores. The ease of use and positive feedback from in-store staff and management have been positive.

'Complete the Look' Feature

Strategically designed to boost sales, this feature suggests complementary items to Henne’s customers, effectively enhancing the shopping experience and maximising sales.

Launchpad Functionality

This key tool helps to manage product launches and promotions, significantly boosting Henne's brand visibility and contributing to revenue growth.

THE EDIT Styling Videos

Convert Digital supported Henne in launching a series of styling videos featuring Henne team members, stylists, and influencers. Titled “THE EDIT”, including segments like “Shop Her Style”, these videos offer customers an immersive and interactive experience, showcasing Henne’s products in styled settings. 

"Our goal was to create a website that not only spotlighted our products and campaigns but also offered a smooth and engaging user experience. Given the quick sell-out of our products, it was imperative to have a website that supported a fast and efficient checkout process.”

Ebony Cavallaro (Ecommerce & Project Lead, Henne)

Impact and Results

Over the past three years, Henne has experienced significant growth, a testament to their strategic partnership with Convert Digital. Initially starting on Shopify Core, Henne saw the need to expand its capabilities to match its growing demands. This led to the strategic upgrade to Shopify Plus. Beyond metrics, this transition revolutionised Henne's business operations and customer experience. Customers enjoy the user-friendly interface, and the platform has streamlined internal processes, boosting operational efficiency. Automation enhances order management and inventory control, allowing a more agile customer response. The Shopify platform's adaptability supports a cohesive omnichannel strategy, ensuring a consistent experience across different channels. 

In the twelve months between November 2022 and November 2023, Henne saw the following metric improvements...


Overall revenue growth


Average order value (AOV)


Return customer rate


As Henne looks toward the future, the brand focuses on key goals, including enhancing customer retention, leveraging A/B testing for data-driven optimisation, and pursuing global brand expansion, while also supporting their omnichannel goals.

Enhancing Customer Retention in the Fashion Industry: Recognising that customer retention is a crucial challenge in the fashion industry, Henne plans to optimise personalised communication, keep improving its loyalty program, and post-purchase engagement.

The Role of A/B Testing: By optimising operations and customer interactions through data-driven insights, Henne wants to ensure its strategies are effective and efficient, leading to the most impactful outcomes.

Global Expansion Aspirations: Henne's ambition to become a globally recognised brand involves expanding its market reach. This strategy entails navigating the complexities of cross-border selling and creating immersive in-store experiences across different geographies.

As Henne progresses, its focus on growth, innovation, and strong customer connections will be a journey of continuous evolution and expansion in the fashion industry, and with Convert Digital by their side they won’t be doing this alone. But today, we celebrate how far Henne has come.

Visit the stunning Henne Shopify Plus website here.

“Convert Digital has been incredible to work with. Every idea has been seamlessly executed – both the support and knowledge Convert have provided has immensely shaped and evolved Henne as it stands today.”

Ebony Cavallaro (Ecommerce & Project Lead, Henne)

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