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About Naked Harvest

Naked Harvest is an Australian wellness brand founded in 2019 by siblings Georgie and Coopa Stevenson. Sharing the vision to redefine the standard of men's and women’s active health supplements, they have built a business that develops natural nutritional support and health-conscious products free from artificial additives!

Dedicated to nourishing and fuelling active lifestyles, Naked Harvest products promise transparency and quality, making sure customers know exactly what they're incorporating into their daily routines. Catering to many tastes and needs, the business has an evolving range of products from plant-based protein powders and collagen to greens, BCAAs, and clean treats.

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Like many stories we hear in ecommerce, the narrative of growing a brand operating within a ‘mom-and-pop’ theme on Shopify is often met with its own set of limitations. Georgie and Coopa did everything right in terms of creating a great brand and building a genuine community around it. But from a site and technical standpoint, they didn’t match up.

Due to these limitations, the Naked Harvest team faced roadblocks in improving user experience, customising bundles, and adding features.

“I believe it's possible to operate a multimillion-dollar business using a simple, mom-and-pop theme because brands are built on their identity and having a great product. But—for a content-driven brand like Naked Harvest, the limitation wasn't about the theme's aesthetics. It was about having the ability to add value beyond sales."

Chantel Brayley (Director of Marketing, Naked Harvest)


Chantel spoke of the site being held together by “bandaids on bandaids”, suffering from crippling app bloat (over 40 at one point) that affected site speed and functionality. Not to mention, the inefficiency and cost implications of using an excessive number of apps. This situation, compounding roadblocks and operational friction led Naked Harvest to evaluate its game plan.

The new Shopify Plus site was launched by Convert Digital in November 2023, with the following tech stack:

  • Shopify Plus
  • Gorgias
  • Yotpo Loyalty and Reviews
  • Klaviyo
  • Tapcart

Check out Naked Harvest's beautiful new site.


In July 2023, Chantel Brayley, Director of Marketing at Naked Harvest, discovered Convert Digital through industry connections and chose us to lead a large Shopify Plus retheme project.

The Naked Harvest team wanted to refine their digital storefront to retain the Naked Harvest story and resonate on a deeper level with their audience. It was important to be distanced from the stereotypical ‘gym bro’ image and instead focus on helping customers who don’t know where to start or how to use the products best. They wanted to embody a fun and vibrant spirit and position themselves as the market's most approachable and authentic brand.

“We didn't just want a fashion brand approach to a supplement product, so working with a diverse range of clients is important. And I could see a lot of diversity coming from Convert Digital.”

— Chantel Brayley (Director of Marketing, Naked Harvest)


Another part of this project involved overhauling Naked Harvest’s email marketing strategy. Led by Convert Digital partner, Evocative Media, initial discussions made it clear that Naked Harvest’s email strategy wasn’t fully leveraging its potential, particularly in transitioning customers from initial acquisition to long-term retention. 

“When you get to partner with the teams at Convert Digital and Evocative Media on a project, you know it's going to be next level excellence. And they didn't disappoint.. Naked Harvest is testament when you have the best tech, and the best partners what "Excellence" looks like.”

Rad Mitic (Head of Brand Advocacy, Yotpo)

Rebranded email campaigns

Given the brand's product quality and devoted customer base, Evocative Media’s goal was to shift focus away from discount reliance. This strategy aimed to protect profit margins and enrich the customer experience. Also, determined to enhance the value provided beyond the product itself, Evocative Media used automation strategies like the post-purchase series to create a deeper connection with the brand.

Part of this strategy was the rebranding of all emails to align with the new look and feel of the beautifully revamped site.

"Evocative Media was a critical part of supporting Naked Harvest's next phase of growth. They were able to very quickly fix critical problems that we didn't have the bandwidth to improve, as well as future proof a great deal of work through beautiful creative and a strong strategy. The team was so knowledgeable and really had a passion for the success of our brand, workshopping our problems and focusing on how our email sat holistically within the brand's marketing strategy."

Chantel Brayley (Director of Marketing, Naked Harvest)


Given the tight timeline, Convert Digital planned a phased approach, focusing on launching priority new features in time for peak season. This included a complete front-end site overhaul and improvements to checkout and loyalty programs—with other features planned to roll out later.

This approach allowed the Convert team to complete all the User Acceptance Testing (UAT) in time for the crucial week before Black Friday. This preparation set the stage for launching a wholly revitalised front-end site, with new features such as an updated pullout cart, checkout enhancements, loyalty program improvements, a total refresh of the PDP pages, and a refresh of their blog.

“The excitement around the design process was a huge deal for us. Convert brought a unique approach to the table, running weekly UX exploratory workshops with us. This collaborative effort and the collective input made me realise we were going to achieve exactly what we aimed for.”

– Chantel Brayley (Director of Marketing, Naked Harvest)


Evocative Media started with foundational work, streamlining Naked Harvest’s existing flow setup alongside a comprehensive data cleanup project. Next, they overhauled the entire flow strategy in Naked Harvest’s Klaviyo account. 

The goal was to create a highly customised journey across each flow, move away from over reliance on incentives and instead highlight the brand and community's value, and refresh the look and feel to match the new website. 

As part of this, Evocative Media implemented a more holistic approach to data capture with sophisticated targeting capabilities through the popup platform Justuno. This allowed the team to introduce a targeted, three-tiered sign-up form strategy calibrated to user behaviour. 

New site visitors were greeted without a discount. For returning site visitors, they explored two tailored incentives, designed to encourage a deeper engagement with Naked Harvest.

Through the new Welcome Series, Naked Harvest is learning about new subscribers as soon as they enter the database using link click tracking and customer profiling. This information is used to provide personalised product recommendations based on their interests for the rest of the series. 

With Evocative Media's work, Naked Harvest has adopted a highly personalised approach to cross-selling and upselling in the Post-Purchase journey, using the specific customer’s data to recommend products and collections to try next. Based on what the customer has recently purchased, they receive a variety of emails that both encourage replenishment and highlight complementary products and/or collections for next time. 


Website performance highlights in the 90 days since launch:

• 20% uplift in customers reaching checkout 

• AOV new customers grew by 11% 

• The returning customer rate grew 12% 

• Online store revenue grew by 19%, showing more people wanting to shop online (app still had growth, but the online store had more growth for that quarter) 

• The old site wasn’t mobile first but mobile conversion increased by 21% (it was purely made for desktop)

Email performance since working with Evocative Media:

• Email flows have generated six-figure revenues, tripling Naked Harvest’s initial investment with a 225% return in less than three months

• Achieving a 5% revenue increase in its first full month, their streamlined Added to Cart flow outperformed its predecessor while cutting the email volume by over half and eliminating all incentive emails

• With a near 30% Placed Order Rate their initial Welcome Email and a 5% average across the 8-email journey, showcased the power of the strategic data capture and customer nurturing strategy

• The database, sitting at 260K+, has grown in size by 5% in only 2 months since launching their new list growth strategy. Based on this, Evocative Media predicts the database will grow by 30% over a 12-month period

• In the last 30 days, non-discounted revenue made up 76% of total revenue via email

Future and next steps...

Given the success of the site launch, Naked Harvest will continue its phased approach with the Convert Digital Client Success team, focusing on bundling improvements, the introduction of subscriptions, and so much more.

"The team at Convert Digital were incredible to work with! One of our favourite things was working with their UX designer, Samantha, who understood our brand's personality and built an experience as functional, dynamic and FUN as our brand. Whilst we still have a roadmap ahead of us, it's the perfect fresh new look for our brand."

Chantel Brayley, Director of Marketing, Naked Harvest

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