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At Convert Digital our dedicated team of Shopify Plus designers and developers build customised, enterprise solutions for fast growing, high volume merchants. With offices in Sydney and Melbourne, we specialise in multi-channel retail and work with some of Australia's leading brands. With Shopify Plus, your business is guaranteed seamless growth and scalability.

Benefits of Shopify Plus

Checkout the benefits of using Shopify Plus as your ecommerce platform.

SaaS (software as a service)

Shopify is a SaaS eCommerce platform, so a lot of heavy lifting is in their hands! With over 500,000 users – Shopify is a fully hosted platform which allows you to enjoy unlimited bandwidth on a platform with 99.99% uptime, processing over 850 orders per minute. Shopify is a cloud-based solution which allows you to dedicate time and budget to eCommerce strategy, marketing, and ongoing site enhancements rather than updates and security headaches.

Reliable and Scalable

Shopify Plus provides simple and powerful front-end technology to ensure you can avoid any over complex page and theme development. With the right design resources, creating and maintaining an on-brand look and feel in made easy with Shopify Plus. User friendly API’s and a vast app store provides enterprise solutions, features and functionality. Shopify Plus processes over 10,000 orders per minute, with traffic spikes whilst maintaining an uptime of 99.99%.

Apps and API

With Shopify Plus, you can integrate market leading, third-party systems with an open and flexible API. Thousands of apps help us create a customised solution with powerful features and functionality.

Enables Growth

Shopify Plus provides you ability to grow and scale painlessly with current Shopify Plus merchants seeing an annual growth of 126%. With multiple store fronts, Shopify Plus allows you to grow internationally catering to different languages, currencies, and seasonal trends. Shopify merchants are reaching 175 countries to date, planning to only continue expanding.


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